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least that if you didn't get your morality from the bible you didn't get any morality. she said no, you can get it from reason. you can get it from experience. there's a wonderful character named hank reardon and "atlas shrugged" who owned a steel mill and he says no more moral place in the world than a steel mill because you know keckly what is right and exactly what is wrong. if you knew what is wrong with some 500-ton oven that is melting 500 tons of steel, you can't be immoral. that doesn't have anything to do with the bible. >> you draw parallels between bill gates and -- why? >> in the book the great innovator who created a new kind of metal that is stronger than steel, that product was so competitive and so destructive to the status quo that the unholy alliance and corrupt government officials inspired to put them out of business in the same way as people who could
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not -- and conspired to put bill gates out of business. don't tie yourself that was it to good or. those guys were paid off and egged on by people in silicon valley such as bill gates. >> here's a little taste of donald luskin's, i am john galt, today's heroic innovators building the world and the villainous parasites destroying it. this is booktv. ..
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>> they operate danced is will not because of the lands it occupied but attacked because of the values and the values of
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democracy is getting to be interesting but we do follow it with those american values. sometimes too much. you'll find people putting the israeli flag with the american flag. i do not like it. why do people do it? because of democracy and value of the american people. even though we love america we are not america. if you make a mistake you pay a price that you are able to correct it.
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and we see in the past decisions you do not have to satisfy anyone to the american president word to the un we do not agree with you. if we don't do it but first in the early '80s deciding to attack the nuclear reactor in iraq not popular in the u.s. but we did it and we were condemned by the state department and the when years later people appreciated that decision that he took in 1981 was for the benefit of the american
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people. the american army invades iraq could go win and in 19731 and jewish declared it the holiest day of the year. during the yum! kippur war. i thought i knew everything before the book but i've learned a lot with reset -- research. 1973 with the egyptian and civilian army is caught us by surprise, we almost lost the war. it is not the war the fight yen the it now or afghanistan but it means we are out of the game.
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we were to the point* first day of the war the state department sent a telegram to the embassy. there was a message from kissinger telling us israelis, wait. hold your horses. do not take action because kissinger will move forward. at that time they egyptian and civilian armies were already on the way to destroy the jewish state. the prime minister at the time was afraid to take a preemptive attack to say i don't know the reaction in washington.
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nixon was going down, and she was afraid of his reaction. we almost lost the war. we have to take the decision but with the u.n. for sure maybe being sponsored there be a committee to look at the decision but on the today secretary clinton says this is a mistake. if you do with the enemy in the middle east you don't play in the middle east, jerusalem or be an up.
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if you went to convince someone but in my book we have to take action but i think what has happened to in the last month as a decision our friend in canada took to close the embassy in tehran. embassy in tehran. we should have done that years ago. in two weeks time we are traveling again to the u.s. but then go back to ram with the race for the nuclear bomb. if iran becomes nuclear we
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are on the front lines. listen to what the people are saying. very clearly. we will wipe out israel. when the united states of america then we go after this sunday people, the christians to send you a message. you have to wake up many people think not in my backyard. if it is it is really is a year backyard.
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what is the connection between hezbollah and iran and venezuela? why do they work together and they fly a the slides from here to caracas? hatred of the shared values the american values of what you represent. this comes from our brand and will come to the shores of the united states. we will all remember the attack of 9/11. and to attack the towers of new york city, i can share with all due respect to our intelligence if al qaeda wanted to attack the towers
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but they chose to attack in the u.s. in washington d.c. to send a message. so for that i hope the united states whoever is elected will take a decision to stop the nuclear race today. something very interesting when you look at the arab leaders they are afraid from iran becoming nuclear so for that matter i think we would like to take action for the
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u.s. to sit idly by israel has to do it by itself. missiles fly in from iran, lebanon, and gaza would send hundreds of missiles but allowing iran to become nuclear to the option of fighting ourself, it is clear message of what to do with the redoubt the u.s. one of the main points of my book is the issue of the two-state solution.
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you must finish the conflict and it will be a palestinian state if obama adopted the approach to build up the palestinian state but in my book i prefer a new paradigm we have tried it for the last 20 years we tried with gaza and it did not help us as well. it should be a three state solution. i speak about jordan, egypt and israel. we should not be a palestinian state the tests
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with lap band and the gaza. islamic radical forces. >> guest: to see the same happening? i do not. look beyond the current administration but but to e eliminate a sum of bin laden when loathsome let the this stage president decided to kill osama bin laden. 24 hours later it condemned the u.s. for killing one of the greatest leaders. do know which?
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the leader of the hamas organization in gaza to say i condemn the u.s. but on the other end by sending the troops to keogh osama bin laden they've pressure israel to sit down and negotiate. but with whom? the same people who incite against the jews everyday? that is why if we have to get to a point* we cannot allow the palestinian state but to get from my hotel to hear cost israel from east to west it is not something we can allow.
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with the border with canada, mexico with the enemy state or entity the prime minister assure around decided to pullout from gaza. i was against it. and was very close to the prime minister. he was the godfather of my first son. i said you know, how much i love you and how much supported due to become prime minister but when you decide to pull out to take the jews out of the communities i cannot work with you anymore politically. he took the decision. if you take them out from gaza i hear a lot about the settlement.
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we have evacuated all of the settlements we took the people who were buried in the cemetery and removed all of them out of gaza. what did we get? piece? no. on the contrary. we pulled out and hamas debt 10 from those communities into israel with missiles that is the proof about the conflict. vice say enough about the peaceful idea. both is wishful -- wishful discipline on us to come here to washington d.c. to
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tell him know we cannot do what you want. it is much deeper than what we are willing to give. when you talk today they and stand they want more. i want to conclude to change the language that we speak. there is a new approach. e. neff with the apologetic. i talk in my book and i start with the biblical right. if you are believers in the
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bible of the connection to the land of israel is enough but for those in is not i go back to the book of mark twain and i show historic claim that connection between jews and israel but if that is not enough i also talk about the legal rights and when you read the book with the legal document international binding legal right here is something else common-sense rate. when you go to war and win you do not give the land
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that you won during the war. we won the war. and those that were aggressive and started have come to us to say i want my land back. it does not go this way. even here in the u.s. with war with mexico and you one nobody came to say we want our land back. to know that if they should start another war they get price. if you lose, you lose. we tend not to speak of what belongs to us because i
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think it is about the will to prevail. if they tried to satisfy everybody all the time we could not win. we live in a beautifully and. so much enemies and travel even with high-tech use the technology inaction. to use the cellphones technology, the cat scan and a hospital, and the amount of innovation we could offer israel is amazing. it is a great place to live
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to bring up your family. to talk about the challenges is something we could be very proud of. but we need to stand up united to get to a point* to find a viable partner to speak about the peaceful agreement that is mike -- what i talk about conflict management not conflict resolution. the oslo accord big supporters of the environment. think about the amount of paper when redrafted the accord. but today we speak of the leadership.
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for example, according to the oslo accord is available with everyone to pray but it is not safe. we cannot go there. it is not safe. i do not believe in another ceremony at the white house but to and until we get to the point* you have to manage the conflict i want to sum up to tell you the book is very street. they said you are making a mistake if you raise something in a book now what will happen in a few years? people will say 182 about
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that and what you doing? if somebody wants to lead i can protect and if they cannot i will say was wrong but we will see the public and majority of the american people understand it is not what israel is willing to pay but want to thank you for coming tonight and will be happy if you cave ready to answer the question will be happy to answer your question. thank you very much. [applause] >> don't you think the talk you give tonight encourages the extremist of the muslim world to join israel? there is a struggle between
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the moderates and the extremist with the actions that you talk about it encourages the forces of hamas. hamas just believes and strength like you. what you're doing is talking to people who say does not worth it to talk to israel and discourage saying the palestinians in the west bank that believe in peace. you will take those swing votes to push them toward hamas. doesn't that bother you or make you feel guilty? second. there are a lot of forces and israel needs forces. i eight agree how dangerous ahmadinejad is but what
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about stop building settlements in the west bank? >> i do not feel guilty on the contrary. but they have signed an agreement with hamas we cannot come today to ask the israelis and unfortunately it you go to gaza today nobody can go out. it is what of palestinian decides. to elect a different government. it is a beautiful thing.
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but it is not romantic because of the art of revolution but nobody knows what will happen to get out of syria at eventually. regarding the settlement a gap between what people think to the sentiment and the reality. what is the actual percentage of jewish homes occupying? what is it? >> is 3%. i wish it was 5490.
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-- 5490. i do not an accepted. our is really is the vote like guy vote to nobody tells them you will have to move out. we need to get to the understanding it is not about the sentiment. it is much better than that. >> how old are you? >> that is a question? [laughter] >> i am 41. >> i assume you have read about to world war ii. they said what do want?
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just a little peace. what did he get? >> my point* is very clear. we cannot know what -- we cannot wait or allow a patriot to get to the point* to kill the jewish people sometimes the time when american people is different because of what you just said we cannot count to '08 to see such hatred. >> and happens in europe. i hope you read the history. you are too young. >> thank you for your talk.
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my question is on a related something that will give israel the means to prevail. it is set off the coast of of of israel there is $240 million worth of natural gas and on going in the knesset to see if the resources could be developed for export but no company can afford to come and if they're not allowed to export. have you taken a look at this? in the committee recommendations export of natural gas? >> we found natural-gas
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and yes we would export. reason re-export 50% of the guest we will continue to drill and we are lucky but one day we could change the energy market. one thing i address of the book is israelis are now doing a pilot we tried to use our brain to find other solutions for energy. >> i am and israeli. born and raised their. i served in the armed forces. i am argumentative. [laughter] but this is not the forum for arguments.
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i am also a guest. we're not supposed to attack all the you tend to be greatly. [laughter] >> we could do that in israel. >> come to my house. not everybody in israel of course, is an agreement with you. smart people. i have a very simple question. israel is a mighty country. the strongest country in the middle east. it has the attache of weapons that they have obtained like the is to do to obtain arms in my days
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under the british. deal think there is a bit of connection between israel being a nuclear power and other nations in the middle east? >> first of all, you know, when you put to do giuseppe room you have three opinions. [laughter] it is okay to argue. i am with the likud party and a majority of israelis supported us in the last election. >> we will support you again. >> with the nuclear capability i will not get
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into detail talk about acquiring nuclear capability telling the world why he wants it to change a reality to alienate the jewish people if israel is a nuclear power they know it is in order to show strength to avoid another war. i do not intend to convince you but that is not something we can agree on. but you need to know the enemy. >> i have not read the book but your op-ed in the near time. you are a little bit human their. [laughter]
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>> it is a pleasure to be with you this evening. it was a last minute trip. i was very impressed. i'm about to move to israel. i have sold everything i have. that is where my heart is. it is amazing one nuclear bomb at tel aviv would wipe out more israelis than any of their city. it is a very scary thought. that is what many people are adamant. i am thankful there is a man of your principal and caliber and fortitude in leadership. thank you for that. looking at you on the internet and listening to speak, is there a chance you could run for the position
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of mr. netanyahu position? >> i am sure my prime minister is watching c-span and following carefully. [laughter] >> congratulations when your move to move to israel. it is not easy. i have been asked with mitt romney and obama we have enough politics. but i was walking with prime minister assure round he said politics is the pyramid. everybody wants to move up. the minister wants to become prime minister. it is the game. but i am beyond. i am working my way up. [laughter] >> thank you for coming. it is a great speech.
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not if israel wanted attack the reactors, five years down the road what kind of protracted conflict? it could take out the reactor but not the knowledge base, where the material that is their? idahoans strike could stop that. it seems once the cat is out of the baguette is out. >> issued not be the message of israel do saying we're not allowing iran to become
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nuclear. after i romney would find another country i hear from the muslim brotherhood to dislike the neighbors following the footsteps of iran. >> as a follow-up to the question in the september 3rd issue of "the new yorker" from david grossman, a one to get your reaction. earlier this month a former head of military intelligence told the jerusalem post the israeli attack would let lack legitimacy and unite a fractured iranian
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letters -- leadership and make it clear to not attack them again. >> you will stick somebody in the streets and what he thinks about but mw you have the experts of the army the people of the left and right it stops at the desk of the government. said government has to sit down to make a decision. it is not an easy call. is uniting the government. but at the bottom line the prime minister of israel will have to make that
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decision. >> one of your ideas the country spend billions of dollars and we need our money now. if israel should go alone. adding give 94 9/11 with our support of israel. >> if you look at the attack countries are not supposed to support like the united states. but there is such a deep connection. i do not think israel should do it alone. but i do believe it should
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be a joint effort. maybe today's say i don't care but but if you find the atomic bomb and a suitcase or in the port of san diego it becomes your problem. it should be a joint effort of the western society u.s., israel, europe, canada u.s., israel, europe, canada , it could have been. with a decision here from washington but people are pretty disgusted with the democratic behavior that is going on. >> who is a stronger ally of the united states will agree with you. but the cheapest aircraft today in united states in the middle east we're in a
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front-line to find the forces coming to your shores. >> a-share concerns about the iran i think it is real but growing up jewish to hear about the stranger the people of the profits and i have been hearing is forgive me but any time a of humanity to the palestinians. what do you plan to do with them? three state solution and who gets gaza and the west bank? i know they keep the territory either stopping at democracy or jewish state.
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i know there are serious problems with the palestinians i know there could have been a deal in oslo and there could have been peace. i am not naive. but the settlements undermine the security and the world condemns israel public like to know what your answer is we say we're not ruling over other people? i would beg to differ. >> now you have to buy the book to read about the three state solution. long-term solution but then you have goat meat -- vote for me now. i have the opposite vote for me now the result is maybe years.
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the they will have been to our morning the long term for it -- vision talks about their live-in to dan -- jordan and syria and the palestinians live in the gaza with a link to egypt. look what happened. hamas has closed opinions about many issues like sharia law, is real, united states, they could walk together to find a way. i do not want to an ex the baidu think they should be connected to jordan and egypt. it cannot happen tomorrow. we will have to wait. two years ago we would have
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told to the president would be caged in jail in cairo you would think i am in st.. today tell you the long term should be the linkage between the palestinians and jordan and those in the gaza with egypt. things change repast we have to put forward what we think is best. >> i see that as dangerous and there is also a moral issue. thank you will. >> i was in jerusalem 1973 when the war broke out as 71
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not send weapons to the middle east because we do not want to encourage the war that has just guarded which sounded noble but at the same time they were sending weapons to the syrians and egyptians. my concern is with the fiery and gets the atomic bomb unquestioned is not that the egyptians will say we want the same toy but the point* is the egyptians or suni this garcetti arabia are suni is and the iranians are shi'ites.
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so they will send atomic bombs and suddenly you have atomic bombs all over. i am aware of the dangers of israel it seems the dangers of letting them get the atomic bomb is much greater. >> we have changed the reality. we just cannot wait and see. that is why we are concerned about iran today. >> with regards to the
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atomic bomb we believe they have obviously never used it. i never believed any nation would use it in the environment that is the middle east today. is a preposterous notion if you have been to hiroshima you will see what incredible death and destruction it does. no nation could ever consider it never mind the blasting on the ongoing basis. i think this is obfuscations what happens to the palestinian people they were
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going to attack a few weeks ago. that is the end result i have been a lifelong zionist. i see that israel more and more isolated and surrounded to any been greater degree. and have already given up the fact peace will not happen in my lifetime. israel will go down fighting. i would like your comment. >> will briefly say with all due respect it is not enough.
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if you don't have a partner it is not enough. today we don't have a partner. we do care about the palestinians to look as syria so frequently with the double standard to compare with is happening to israel but to achieve not a piece of paper that we will have to wait. >> i actually a christian my background is in no pain persecuted people but unfortunately i a have concluded it is not possible
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to achieve. if people being put on the no right to exist list. virginia permanent and secure stay and it may never have been. i think we may have to think outside of the box. >> my book has nothing to do with the settlements but i went to south sudan the president told me about the war because of the land
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disputes because those forces do not want to see them living next door to them. fresno palestinian against the christians living today. nothing to do with boundaries with slander occupation but the very acceptance. >> spending 20 years on the issue with the zionists with no right to exist so this intolerance any community of people they call infidels.
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>> i have three questions if you can hear me. [laughter] what about iran are pakistan sells there know how to terrorists so it is not the state of iran who is attacking the terrorists? but the fourth state is orthodox. aren't atomic bombs altogether anachronistic of the next war will be cyberattack? thank you. >> i will answer only two of them with your permission. you are right to. nobody can guarantee of that technology will be used. of the big issue of the
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chemical weapons and syria. nobody can guarantee of the chemical weapon of technology will not go to lebanon it is a issue of concern for all of us. i read a lot about it in "time" magazine could israeli people have a strong democracy. we go to elections together and i sit in the parliament in the knesset we do not agree of the time we do not argue of the time the one democracy today israel can be proud. i am very proud.
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sometimes happening in the knesset member of arab-israeli decided to join the group from turkey for on the same boat there were terrorists. she came back one day later and entered the knesset and that this democracy in action. i don't know if the doing debt and outcry you let him come back to congress. but i think we can be proud of democracy and israel. thank you for coming. i'm sure when you read the book you'll have a more common thing to ask i will do it on my website and on
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facebook. also thank you for your hospitality. thank you very much. [applause] >> we're at the national mall outside of the library of congress. where are you from? >> washington d.c. i work at the library of congress. today we're talking about personal digital items. their e-mail, i digital photographs cummings to transfer to new formats. they want to keep there
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e-mails we cannot just put them away for 10 years and get them out to look at them again. because the format changes. >> seto you use the same items digitally? >> yes. we're collecting more digital items without a printed equivalence but we change the way we preserve those items in different methods. paying attention end to formats and software changes with the pay jenin sitting desk. >> website is part of the biggest collection so we
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select all of the candidates of their super? and other party is that have websites many times they disappear. we also have a big manuscript collection people use computers to create their documents so we have older formats to figure out how to get that information. >> where are you from? >> i am from virginia. >> who did you hear speak today? >> i watched mainly history and biography. i brought students down here
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today. i wanted to hear walter isaacson speak upon einstein and said -- steve jobs and also lastly they talked about walter cronkite. any book that inspires anybody is great. sometimes we lose sight of the classics or they're recent classics provide tried to get mine students to read brave new world, mark twain, books that deal with racism that they could identify when they read but what is the message? and o

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